Alexandra Goryashko



 Curriculum vitae















In 1982 graduated from a Specialized Biology School in Moscow. In 1989 graduated from the Moscow State University, with specialization in Ethology.





From 1980 to present – collaboration with the Kandalaksha Nature Reserve. Field work, writing popular articles about the reserve, studying the reserve’s history.


Administers the Nature Reserve website 2009-2013.


Acting as an editor for the Journal of Biology published by the First of September (Pervoye Sentyabrya), a publishing house that specializes in educational literature.


Freelance research work. History of biology and nature protection.


Participates in Russian and international conferences on sea biology and history of science. Over 160 publications, mostly in ecology, nature preservation, and the history of science.


1998-2005 - Littoral Littorina - a major study of the history of White and Barents Sea biological stations - published in 2005 on CD and as an Internet site


2011-2015 – Creation of Internet library of popular scientific biological literature


2015 to present I'm working on a book "A Wild Bird and a Cultured Man. The Common Eider and Homo Sapiens. Fourteen Centuries of Interaction"




Russian Union of Litterateurs since 1991


Kola Ecological Center since 2015


Marine Heritage of Russia since 2015





A grant from the Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation) in 1998 to write a series of articles on White Sea biological station under the common heading of The Worlds of White Sea.


1998-2000 Several awards in Russian competitions among popular science writers working on the history of and problems with nature reserves and national parks.


2001-2003 State Stipend for Literature and Art.


2004 - A MacArthur Foundation grant to support work on The History of Science as the Stories of Scientists (The History of Russian Biological Stations in the Northern Region and their Role in the Development of Marine Biology and in the Growth of Ecological Consciousness in Russian Society).


2006 - Awarded the first prize at the F.P. Shchtilmark competition "People n the History of Nature Reserves and Reserves in Life Stories of People"